A Physician's Brand is Purposefully Created and Well-Communicated

March 20th, 2013 1 Min read A Physician's Brand is Purposefully Created and Well-Communicated Blog
Last year, our resident Freud, Johnna, did a series on best practices and advice for physicians embarking on the job search journey. It is well worth sharing again, so we have compiled the highlights into a 3-part blog -- sort of a "Best of Freud's Insights." The first two posts in the Freud's Insights series were all about a physician's brand. Freud's insights on creating and communicating a personal brand What does who you are and how you approach your job say about you, and how does that set you apart from other docs when you're looking at a new opportunity? A personal brand "is not a mission statement...you've invested a lot of time, effort, energy, and money to get to this point. But so did the physician standing next to you as did all the ones standing next to both of you." Instead, think about what you want to be known for. "What do your employers, attending physicians, patients, or colleagues compliment about you? What do your family and friends consider as your strongest attributes? If you don't know, ask them." Use this as the basis to tell your story, like the general surgeon who described himself as "the old-fashioned country surgeon who still makes house calls." What's your version of that? Freud's insights on your personal brand and crafting your CV Everyone creates a CV at some point, but don't they all start to look the same? Only if you let them. The difference is in the details you choose to highlight and even the formatting. "The appearance of a CV should reinforce what you articulate about your skill set, strengths, and personal brand." Make it easy to navigate, and make the key differentiators stand out. Johnna references a resource with plenty of how-tos on CV creation from our career resource section: Write a Winning CV. Or, if updating your current CV is more of the challenge, see Refreshing Your CV. Our next recap will focus on interviewing tips and techniques as they relate to the physician's brand.