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Creating an Effective CV

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Items to Include in Your CV

Personal Information

  • Complete name (maiden name, other names used, etc.)
  • Contact information (address, telephone, email, etc.)
  • Title/Degree

(starting with pre-medical college education)

  • Name of each program
  • Type of training (fellowship, residency, internship, etc.)
  • Specialty of each program
  • Hospital or facility associated with training—optional
  • Address of program
  • Complete dates of attendance for each program

Work History

  • All practices since completion of medical training
  • Any applicable military service
  • Explain any gaps in education/training and work history
  • Medically related work history since starting medical school (research assistant, medical laboratory work, house physician, etc.)
  • Name of each practice (listing in reverse chronological order with current first is preferred)
  • Type of practice (solo, specialty group, multispecialty group, etc.)
  • Your association with the practice
  • Dates of association with each practice (to and from dates)
  • Address of practice
  • Office phone and fax numbers


  • Specialty board certifications and sub-specialty certifications
  • Name of specialty board
  • Specialty/subspecialty of certification
  • Dates of certification
  • Other certifications such as BCLS, ACLS, ATLC, PALS, etc.

Licenses/DEA Registration

  • All state medical licenses ever held
  • Name of state
  • Issue and expiration dates
  • License status (active, inactive, expired, military, suspended, revoked, etc.)
  • DEA expiration date

Professional Memberships

Publications (Optional)

A Professional CV Should Not Include:

  • Information on your spouse, children, or parents
  • Social activities
  • Church affiliations
  • Other nonrelevant personal information

As with any document containing personal information, it is advised you use discretion when listing identifying information.

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