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Physicians Consider Locum Tenens Instead of Retirement

CompHealth Locum Tenens President Melissa Byington

As retirement age approaches many physicians find themselves not ready to stop practicing medicine. Working locum tenens instead of retirement allows physicians to have the best of both worlds, working as often as they wish while still having time for other things.

CompHealth Locum Tenens Division President Melissa Byington recently wrote about why physicians should consider locum tenens instead of retirement on

Highlights of the article include how working locum tenens instead of retirement:

  • Provides great scheduling flexibility and the opportunity to work when you want
  • Allows you to spend more time with family and friends while still maintaining your medical career
  • Visit friends or family in other parts of the country while still working
  • Lets you ease into full-retirement at your own pace and on your own schedule
  • Benefits both facilities and physicians by giving both groups what they need

If you’re ready to phase out of full-time practice, but you want to keep making a difference in patients’ lives, locums may be right for you.

Read the full article on Physicians Practice. 

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  • Am interested in locus tenens. At present have a valid license in N.C. I would also like to obtain a license in California where we plan to retire part time. Am also interested in a permanent position. LHGill The submit section says “duplicate documents” but the previous one was for permanent position, this one for locus tenens

  • Phasing out of my private practice in OB/Gyn. Would like to go into locum work.
    Waiting to hear from CompHealth


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