October is National Physical Therapy Month

September 30th, 2017 1 Min read October is National Physical Therapy Month Blog
October is National Physical Therapy Month. During the month the American Physical Therapy Association promotes awareness of physical therapy and its roll in healthcare. This year the focus in on using physical therapy as an alternative to using opioids to treat pain. According to APTA's website:
The CDC urges prescribers to reduce the use of opioids for pain management in favor of safer alternatives, such as physical therapy, particularly for low back painfibromyalgia, and hip and knee osteoarthritis. And guidelines from the American College of Physicians, and a consensus study from the National Academies encourage health care providers to pursue safer alternatives, like physical therapy, for most non-cancer-related pain management. Physical therapists treat pain through movement and exercise, helping patients improve strength, flexibility, and range of motion. Physical therapists also can educate their patients about pain, which has been known to improve outcomes.
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