VIDEO: How Does Locum Tenens Impact Job Security?

October 21st, 2015 1 Min read VIDEO: How Does Locum Tenens Impact Job Security? Blog
Job security is important in any field of work, including medicine. Oncologist Dr. Tina Passalaris understands this concept better than most. She chose to try locum tenens to give her freedom from the chaotic—but secure—schedule she was working at a university hospital.

“The hardest thing for physicians who work full time to think about in transitioning to locums, is the lack of security,” she says. “People are willing to give up freedom for security.”

Working locum tenens has allowed Dr. Passalaris to find personal freedom while feeling secure in the assignments she takes. Along with security, she also creates a schedule that is conducive to family life and affords her quality time with her kids.

“I would tell a physician who is thinking about locums is you can make locum work any way you want locum to work for you,” Dr. Passalaris explains in this video.

To learn more about Dr. Passalaris’ journey from a large hospital setting to locum tenens physician, check out this blog post.