Why work locum tenens?

Control over your career is powerful medicine.

Every year, thousands of doctors discover the many benefits of working locum tenens. Our recruiters excel at connecting you to jobs that match your individual needs.

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Locum tenens benefits tailored to your goals.

Supplemental income.

If you suddenly had extra cash, what would you do? Pay down debt? Grow your retirement? Take that dream trip? Our research shows 29 percent of doctors who’ve worked locum tenens first tried it as a way to supplement their primary income.

Fill employment gaps.

With hiring cycles averaging months, a single break between jobs can mean a lot of downtime. In 2016, our research indicated 17 percent of locums physicians took assignments while searching for a full-time position or between jobs.

Enjoy more flexibility.

The freelance nature of locum tenens gives you greater control. In fact, many physicians report control over their schedules as a reason to work locums. Other reasons include personal transitions, such as a bridge to retirement.

Rediscover the joy of medicine.

When the daily grind gets you down, changing things up can be a great cure. Locum tenens is perfectly suited to battling burnout and helping doctors find the satisfaction that comes from putting the focus back on patients.

Expand your skillset.

Exposure to different facilities, new procedures, and more (or less) advanced equipment gives locums doctors experiences they can’t get staying in one place, making them more valuable.

Travel the country.

By tying your locum tenens assignments to travel destinations, hobbies, and activities, you open yourself to lifestyle opportunities you might never have had. And if you’re looking to kick your feet up on your own couch at the end of the day, no problem. Our recruiters can find your ideal opportunity nearby.

Try before you sign.

A number of residents, fellows, and mid-career doctors use locum tenens to ensure practices that interest them are actually a great fit before making a long-term commitment.

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Locum tenens fits every career stage.

Residents and fellows.

When it comes to starting a career, income and opportunities are critical. Locum tenens helps with both. For residents and fellows, it's a great way to try a facility before signing a contract while building your CV and earning additional income to pay down medical school loans.

Mid-career physicians.

You've worked hard to build a career you can be proud of. The flexibility of locum tenens gives mid-career physicians a well-deserved chance to expand their area of influence, earn extra income, break the monotony of a day job, and assist underserved communities.

Late-career physicians.

When the thought of retiring is unthinkable, locum tenens becomes a perfect solution. Facilities and younger doctors need the experiences and skills provided by more senior physicians. Plus, it allows late-career doctors the freedom to work on
their terms.

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