What is locum tenens?

Short-term jobs that go a long way for you and your career.

In Latin, locum tenens means, “to hold the place of.” But to the doctors, NPs, and PAs who practice this way, and to the patients who count on them, it means so much more.

Where locums fit in.

Supporting facilities, hospitals, and clinics nationwide, locums doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants step in and cover shifts as short as one day and up to a year for absences caused by vacations, vacancies, and seasonal outbreaks. Since its creation in 1979 by CompHealth, locum tenens has gained popularity from providers and appreciation from hiring managers, taking its place as an important component of healthcare today.

A growing industry loaded with opportunity.

Locums physicians work in all 50 states and cover over 75 specialties

More than 40,000 physicians work locum assignments annually

94% of U.S. healthcare facilities use locum tenens each year

It’s a $4 billion (2018) healthcare industry and growing

From point A to the point of care.

CompHealth locums doctors, NPs, and PAs positively impact the lives of patients across the country. Make a selection below to see the scope of our efforts.

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