Like medical laboratory scientist jobs, we’re here for results.

CompHealth’s personalized medical laboratory recruiters are here to help you find your next great job, including travel positions for medical laboratory technologist and technician, and histotechnologist and histotechnician positions.

When it’s time to test the job market, let’s make it easy.

CompHealth currently offers 34 medical laboratory positions around the country, including travel positions in hospitals and biotechnology, reference, and non-industrial labs. With us, you’ll work with a medical laboratory job specialist, one who is supported by a staff of over 1,000 job specialists to ensure every last detail is covered.

If you're actively looking for a job or just wondering if there's more opportunity or work/life balance out there, we're here to help. Our services cost you nothing, require no commitment on your end, and can even make your job search, dare we say, far less testing. It just takes a click or phone call to get started.

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A single contact with a long list of benefits.

With us, you work with a single point of contact, a recruiter who is a medical laboratory specialist and is backed by a team of over 1,000 employees who handle every detail of your job search and employment.

You work long and hard to ensure correct results — and we do the same for you. That includes getting to know you better inside and outside of medicine so we can match you with the best opportunities. Some call it the CompHealth difference. We just call it our job.

There are a lot of ways that CompHealth is different, but here are four that make all the difference:

Working harder to make your job search easier.

We're here to handle every detail, every step of the process, including the minutia that can rob you of valuable laboratory time. Ask around the industry. We believe you'll hear how we're unmatched in supporting your every job search need.

Finding more opportunity and balance.

With permanent and travel jobs across the country, we'll find you a position that matches your professional goals while helping you achieve more of that all-too-rare work/life balance.

Delivering true medical laboratory job specialists.

As a medical laboratory professional, you're busy focusing on the detailed science your job involves. This doesn't give you a lot of time to worry about a job search. That's where we come in. Our dedicated medical laboratory specialists are here to deliver the professionalism, opportunities, and care you've more than earned.

Getting to know you better to serve you best.

Relationships matter. Continually rated as one of the nation's top workplaces, our office is filled with happy, driven human beings who are ready to build the personalized and professional relationships that create results — and long-term friendships!

The benefits of working with our agency.

Travel Assignments

  • We negotiate better pay and deposit it weekly
  • We arrange complimentary housing and travel
  • We simplify the credentialing and privileging process
  • We provide comprehensive malpractice coverage
  • Your specialized recruiter takes care of every detail

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Ready to put our personalized experience to work for you?

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