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10 behavioral interview questions to ask physicians

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In the new world of healthcare reform and patient satisfaction scores, hospitals and facilities want to hire physicians who have more than just strong clinical skills — they need doctors who can really connect with patients. Knowing what behavioral interview questions to ask physicians can add a human element to your hiring process that pays big cultural dividends.

What recruiters say

A physician recruiter from a large health system shared what he looks for when he brings on a new physician.

“In an ideal situation, quality is number one. I’m looking for a doctor with a strong skill set, but they also need to communicate effectively with staff and with patients. Today’s healthcare consumers are savvy and they want more than just a physician with good clinical skills. They want somebody who is going to listen to them, take care of them, and truly understand who they are.”

How to get started

So how do recruiters determine a physician’s communication skills and bedside manner? Many employers have shifted from using interviews to ask about work history and accomplishments — that’s what CVs and reference checks are for — and now focus on asking behavioral questions.

Suggested questions

For employers, these types of questions give a glimpse into how the physician will handle the various situations they may face in the new job. For the physician, it provides an opportunity to demonstrate skills that may not show up on a CV.

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Parting thought to consider

Professional qualifications matter, but it’s important to remember that beyond what’s on their CVs, your physicians are showing up to work as whole people. When they’re handled correctly, and applied to the entire hiring process in a balanced way, behavioral interview questions like these can help increase staffing success across many metrics.

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