10 Interview Tips for Landing the Right Candidate for Your Facility

November 2nd, 2015 3 Min read 10 Interview Tips for Landing the Right Candidate for Your Facility Blog
InterviewIt's a job seeker's market. With more jobs to fill than healthcare providers to fill them, it is vital for your facility to create the type of hiring experience that makes candidates want to work with you. A key component of that experience is the interview process. It takes time to learn about the candidate by reviewing their CV, understanding their needs and making them feel comfortable. If interviewing makes you uncomfortable there is some good news, great interviewing techniques can be learned. It is important to remember that the candidate is interviewing you just as much as you are interviewing them. Both of you need to determine if the other is the right fit. Here are 10 ways to help you feel prepared from the other side of the desk.
  1. Have a defined role. The candidate will be curious about what a typical day will look like. Be sure to understand the job role including the schedule, patient caseload and the type of experience the position requires. It will also be beneficial to provide your candidate with a pay range.
  2. Be organized. First impressions are everything, so create an exact itinerary of the interview. Getting from point A to B is much easier with a map, and outlining the interview process will allow you to feel relaxed and prepared ahead of time. There is nothing worse than feeling scattered when the candidate sits down for the interview.
  3. Write down your questions ahead of time. The best way to know if the candidate is right for the position is by learning everything you can while they are there. Having the questions ahead of time will also show the candidate you are interested in getting to know them.
  4. Allow the direct supervisor plenty of time with the candidate. It’s recommended to give the supervisor at least an hour to build a relationship with the candidate. It is also important for the candidate to get to know their future boss. Scheduling this time during the interview ensures you won’t have to bring the candidate in a second time.
  5. Have benefits information available at the time of the interview. Be as detailed as possible about the benefits your facility offers. Including medical, dental, CME, vacation and any additional perks that set your organization apart from others will help the candidate make a more informed decision.
  6. Give the candidate the opportunity to meet with peers. It is beneficial to give the candidate a clear idea of the team they will be working with. Giving the candidate an opportunity to ask peers’ questions specific to the job will help them gain a better understanding of the work environment.
  7. Provide a tour of the facility. Hold the interview on site at the facility rather than at an outside location like a local coffee shop. Having the candidate see the facility will allow them to feel more at home should they decide to accept the job.
  8. Provide a tour of the city. Using a realtor or staff member are excellent choices to show off the area and help the candidate get a glimpse of what the city has to offer. Like the old adage says: location, location, location — sell your town to the candidate.
  9. Have a firm offer process. Know the steps you’ll take after an interview. Just like being prepared before the interview, it’s also important to understand the process that comes next. Share the information with your candidate and have a plan in place to make an offer within 48 hours if they are selected. Otherwise, you may lose the candidate.
  10. Have an onboarding process. A 90-day official onboarding process is recommended. Doing so will provide the candidate with clarity and give you the opportunity to ramp up your new provider to your expectations. As with any part of the job filling process, upfront communication is the key.
Following these tips will help you provide a reliable interviewing process and make your candidates more comfortable. The best part is you’ll feel more prepared and ready to make the right hiring decision.