2014 Psychiatrist Lifestyle Report

November 5th, 2014 2 Min read 2014 Psychiatrist Lifestyle Report Blog
psychiatrist-reportPsychiatrists diagnose and treat mental disorders and help their patients get the medication and counseling they need — but how healthy are these physicians themselves? Seventy-three percent of psychiatrists said they exercise at least two days a week, according to a recent Medscape report, and 44 percent take a multivitamin (higher than the U.S. average of 33 percent). Get more highlights from this report below: What Kind of Diet Do Psychiatrists Follow? While 49 percent of psychiatrists eat five servings of fruits and vegetables four or more times a week, 28 percent eat the typical American diet (meat almost daily, high-fat foods, and carbs from white-flour products) or meals on-the-go. Eating out is also common, with 68 percent of overweight to obese psychiatrists eating out at least once a week. Fifty-eight percent of normal to underweight psychiatrists also eat out at least once a week. Do Psychiatrists Maintain a Healthy Weight? Psychiatrists fall near the middle of the physician weight scale; 40 percent are overweight, compared with nearly 50 percent of general surgeons and only 23 percent of dermatologists reporting being overweight to obese. The study found no difference between the prevalence of obesity in men and women, while more male psychiatrists (36 percent) reported being overweight than female psychiatrists (28 percent). How Frequently Do Psychiatrists Take Time Off? Though up to 50 percent of anesthesiologists and radiologists report taking more than four weeks of vacation each year, only 16 percent of psychiatrists take that much vacation time. Similarly, a third of psychiatrists say they never volunteer, and those who do serve close to home at their children’s schools or through local religious organizations. Are Psychiatrists Happy With Their Work/Life Balance? The majority of psychiatrists — 60 percent — said they were very happy to extremely happy at home, but only 44 percent reported the same level at happiness at work. However, psychiatrists fall somewhat in the middle of the scale. Seventy percent of dermatologists said they were happy at home, while only 36 percent of family and emergency medicine physicians reported being happy at home. Click here for current psychiatry job openings.


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