3 Reasons the Family Practice Job Market Is Growing

June 21st, 2013 2 Min read 3 Reasons the Family Practice Job Market Is Growing Blog
Family practice job market is growingWhile medical professionals have enjoyed low unemployment rates for many years, the family practice job market is expected to have exceptional growth throughout the next decade. Here are three reasons why:
  1. The Affordable Care Act has made family practice physicians even more important. CBS News reports that only about 20 percent of medical students decide to focus on becoming primary care physicians, yet these professionals are becoming more necessary. Healthcare reform legislation means that preventive medicine will be more accessible to millions of Americans who neglected receiving care in the past. The need for family practice doctors is projected to far outweigh the supply by as early as 2021. Experts estimate that there will be more than 90,000 more vacancies than physicians available to fill them.
  2. An aging population requires more care. Family practices are starting to see an influx of elderly patients who were not pursuing routine care in the past. Elderly patients tend to see family doctors more often than other age demographics because of an increase in the number of health concerns and a need for referrals to specialists. The aging population is concerning not just because more patients are entering the system. There's also an increase in physicians getting ready to retire, which further exacerbates the doctor shortage. The positive side for job seekers is that this opens up even more positions for graduates.
  3. Opportunities for other healthcare professionals will also be available in family practices. Doctors aren't the only ones benefiting from healthcare reform. AOL Jobs reports that physician assistants and nurse practitioners will be able to find positions more easily. More family practices are expected to use these physician extenders to be able to see more patients.
Because of these contributing factors, the family practice job market is white hot and growing. But there are also other reasons for pursuing a career in family medicine. For one, many family practitioners find that they enjoy the bond they have with their patients. While specialists only get to see their patients occasionally or even just once, family doctors get to form lasting relationships, which can be very satisfying. The final good word for job seekers is this: A growing market encourages employers to offer more benefits to entice physicians. Competitive salaries, paid time off and tuition reimbursement are all bonuses that family practitioners seeking employment can come to expect. CompHealth is passionate about helping family practice professionals. Let us help you find your ideal family practice physician job or family nurse practitioner opportunity today!