4 Things PM&R Physicians Should Know About Locum Tenens

April 13th, 2016 2 Min read 4 Things PM&R Physicians Should Know About Locum Tenens Blog
The path through medicine has been quite interesting for physiatrist Dr. Val Jones. Shortly after finishing her residency, she was approached to serve as a medical director for a startup healthcare company. While the startup experience was exciting, Dr. Jones wanted to get back to taking care of people. She found the idea of locum tenens intriguing and began looking for part-time clinical positions. Nearly a decade has passed since she took her first locums job and Dr. Jones hasn’t looked back. The flexibility of locum tenens assignments allow her to do what she loves most.

“Being a locums physician makes me a better doctor, because I get exposed to so many different hospital settings, different ways of delivering care, different patient populations and different specialties and specialty centers,” Dr. Jones says.

1. What are the misconceptions about locum tenens physicians?

People used to think locum tenens physicians were "problem children," Dr. Jones says. Now hospitals and physicians understand that locum tenens doctors are physicians who are looking for something other than the traditional work schedule.

2. How does locum tenens affect skills as a physician?

“Being a locums physician improves your skills,” Dr. Jones says. The option to try different practice settings and learn new skills allows you to become better at your job.

3. What type of housing accommodations are available to locum tenens?

The housing possibilities are endless for physicians when they are on a locums assignment. Much of it depends on the length of the assignment and what your needs may be. “I’ve stayed in all sorts of housing and they’ve worked out very nicely,” she says.

4. What makes a great locum tenens physician?

Being knowledgeable and caring are a few characteristics of a great locum tenens physician.   Are you interested in locum tenens opportunities? Check out our open physical medicine and rehabilitation jobs.