5 Questions to Ask During an Interview

August 8th, 2014 2 Min read 5 Questions to Ask During an Interview Blog
5questions_interviewInterviews are a chance for employers to get to know you through a series of questions about your work experience, education and career goals — but they’re also a chance for you to learn more about the company, the work you’d be doing and whether you’d be a good fit. When the time comes for you to ask the interviewer questions, consider asking a few of the five below: What do you like best about working here? This question shows that you’re interested in what the interviewer likes about his or her job and are trying to learn more about the company from an employee’s perspective. It also allows you to make more of a personal connection with him or her and find out what you have in common. What have people in similar roles done to succeed at this company? Demonstrate that you’re willing to work hard, should you get the job, by asking this question and paying attention to the answer. The interviewer will be impressed that you want to know what successful employees have done and follow their examples, especially since you haven’t been hired yet. Additionally, this question gives you more insight about the company’s values and the types of people who most enjoy working there. What should the person in this position accomplish in the first three months? Asking about specific tasks and goals shows that you’re a go-getter and want the interviewer to know you’d be a good fit. Be sure to take notes and ask further questions about company training or programs you’re unfamiliar with to show your engagement. What challenges would come with this position? While this question may seem negative at first, it’s a good way to demonstrate your interest in the job and confirm that you’re already thinking ahead to how you’d face drawbacks like long hours and endless paperwork. Impress the interviewer further by acknowledging the challenges he or she mentions and listing specific ways you’ve overcome similar hurdles, such as settling a conflict with a coworker. It lightens the mood and shows him or her that you listened to the response and already have solutions. What hesitations do you have about my job qualifications? This question gives you a feel for whether the interviewer is impressed with you or is looking for someone with a different skillset. It can also give you the chance to clarify any ambiguity on your CV and let the interviewer know that you do have experience in certain areas — leadership, for example — that might not have been evident before. Interviews can be an opportunity for both you and the interviewer to learn more about each other and determine whether you have the right work experience, certifications and personality for the job. Asking questions at the end, even if you feel they’ve been answered already, is an easy way to show your interest and make a great impression.


Lindsay Wilcox

Lindsay Wilcox

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