7 of Our Favorite Stories from 2016

January 5th, 2017 3 Min read 7 of Our Favorite Stories from 2016 Blog
This year has had its ups and downs, but our blog has provided some great content in 2016. From TV doctor quizzes to the adventures of a traveling physician assistant, we are excited to share the very best from last year. Here are seven of our favorite stories from 2016.

Top 10 Cities For Physicians in the U.S.

The rise and fall of popular, physician-friendly locations continues to dictate where medical professionals choose to establish their practices. Here were the 10 best cities for physicians in 2016.    

7 Skills Hospitals Are Looking for in a Physician

Medical training predominantly focuses on teaching clinical information and skills with an emphasis on making patients better. However, having good or even great clinical skills is often not enough to make it as a physician.    

Finding Adventure with Travel Physician Assistant Jobs

Tony Martin, a surgical physician assistant, worked for 20 years before deciding to make a change in his career path. For the past four years he has worked exclusively as a locum tenens PA traveling around the western United States.  

6 Stress-Management Techniques that Work

Stress is an unfortunate aspect of our everyday lives, but if not managed carefully, can lead to significant health problems. Incorporating these techniques into your daily life, will help you manage your stress more efficiently.    

The 2016 Medscape Lifestyle Report — Physician Happiness & Burnout

Some doctors are happy but many are burned out. The 2016 Medscape Lifestyle Report on bias and burnout highlights the happiest specialties and other issues of burnout.  

Infographic: Physician Workload Survey

According to a new national study from locumstory.com, nearly two-thirds of physicians feel more overworked now compared to when they first started their careers. In contrast, only 13 percent say they are less overworked now than at the beginning of their careers.  

Which TV Doctor Are You?

Have you ever wondered who your TV doctor persona would be? From M*A*S*H's Hawkeye to J.D. from Scrubs, there are a lot of great TV doctors to choose from. Take our quiz to find out which one you are.