7 reasons why we love PAs in GIFs

February 14th, 2018 2 Min read 7 reasons why we love PAs in GIFs Blog
There are a lot of reasons why we love PAs, and we want to recognize the star performers who work with CompHealth. Here are the top compliments we hear about you from patients and clients.

1. They’re dedicated

PAs are focused on healing. Many choose this path over other educational and specialty options because it gets them closer to patients faster. via GIPHY

2. They’re resilient

Drop a PA into any clinical setting, and they’ll find a way to adapt. PAs make an excellent part of health care teams and are committed to maintaining high care standards. via GIPHY

3. They’re professional

Your PA goes through rigorous credentialing steps. PAs pass an exhaustive vetting process that includes background checks and complete board and license verification. via GIPHY  

4. They’re skilled listeners

PAs help their patients feel heard and understood. Because of their role on the medical team, PAs often get the luxury of digging for deeper wellness insights during each visit. via GIPHY

5. They’re compassionate

Patients often say that their PAs treat them as whole people. They look for underlying causes of health issues and help patients stay on a lasting path to wellness. via GIPHY

6. They’re intelligent

PAs have undergone rigorous medical training. They’re deeply grounded in the body of medical knowledge, and dedicated to using their knowledge in patient care. via GIPHY

7. They’re persistent

PAs are focused on patient care and resolving any health concerns. They follow-up with patients and are able to advocate for treatment options in health care teams. via GIPHY So if you're a PA working with us today, we hope you feel the love we're sending your way. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of your patients – and for making our jobs a lot more fun and rewarding. We're passionate about connecting all PAs with the right assignments. If you're curious about working as a PA with CompHealth, start your job search here.


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