Advanced Practice: Filling The Physician Void

November 19th, 2010 1 Min read Advanced Practice: Filling The Physician Void Blog
I know that many of you are catching on to the idea that healthcare reform is well on its way. If you're not aware of the healthcare reform, I hope that you have other career plans in mind that are outside of healthcare, and that you are slowly, but surely, removing yourself from your current position! All kidding aside, the reform is a real and serious part of healthcare right now. You can't go a day without hearing or reading about it. One of the many characteristics that have spawned from the reform discussion is the current and future struggle to figure out how to fill the ever-changing and increasing void we know as the shortage of physicians. I just read a short article on this particular topic, and oddly enough the positions of nurse practitioner and physician assistant are always being brought up as the best solution for this physician shortage. Thought I would pass on the article not only to help promote the advance practice position held by PAs and NPs, but to also share a quick blurb about serving in the military and gaining valuable experience as an advanced practice provider. Enjoy: Hopkins CEO: Nurse Practitioners could reduce need for docs