An Efficient Part-Time Employment Model for Physicians

September 21st, 2011 1 Min read An Efficient Part-Time Employment Model for Physicians Blog
As reported on ScienceDaily, a study published in this month's Journal of the American College of Surgeons concluded that allowing part-time surgeons may help address the workforce shortage. Here's an excerpt from the research abstract: An opportunity exists to reduce the shortage of surgeons by offering models for PT employment particularly to mid-career women and retiring surgeons. Employment models should address flexible work schedules, malpractice premium adjustments, academic promotion, maintenance of certification and licensure, and employment benefits. In response to this study, one model for part-time employment worth considering is locum tenens. It is an attractive option for surgeons or physicians of any specialty who want to work fewer hours in their pursuit of achieving work/life balance. It is also an attractive option for healthcare facilities seeking an efficient staffing model. Though locum tenens has been around for decades, it is still a relatively new concept for many and remains largely absent from the discussion happening around the physician shortage. Hopefully this will change as we look for answers to this growing problem. There is no one solution, but considering all our options is a step in the right direction. Story Source: American College of Surgeons (2011, September 14). Allowing part-time surgeons may help address workforce shortage. ScienceDaily. Retrieved September 19, 2011, from