Attracting the Ideal Physician Candidate: It's Not (Just) about the Money

July 30th, 2010 1 Min read Attracting the Ideal Physician Candidate: It's Not (Just) about the Money Blog
Download PDF Every day it falls to you, the Recruiter, to match the needs of your facility with the needs of your ideal Physician candidates. Good on-boarding programs that help your Physicians thrive in their new environments are important, but attractive value propositions are an increasingly vital part of the recruiting process. Monetarily outbidding other facilities is no longer the full answer. Yes, income and benefits are still factors in Physician recruitment, but work environment, practice reputation, job flexibility, and work/life balance have risen high on the list. Along with salary expectations, Physicians are looking to live and practice in a desired location and facility, attain a satisfying level of career accomplishment, and feel that their roles as Physicians are maximized. Physicians over the age of fifty and an increasing number of female medical school graduates are making a difference when assessing what the majority of Physicians are looking for in a job. The white paper “Attracting the Ideal Physician Candidate: It’s not (just) about the Money” offers insights about how to stand out to potential candidates and keep the right ones by creating real value in your job openings.