Awareness Lessons at Work

April 5th, 2011 1 Min read Awareness Lessons at Work Blog
This is part of a series of guest posts by Iris Grimm, creator of Balanced Physician. Another hectic day. You are running behind on your schedule and the waiting room is full. With a little attention, you can keep your cool. A big concern that many physicians face at work is too much to do all the time. While you are consulting with one patient, you might be thinking through the issue that awaits you next. The result? Your brain gets tired. Thoughts get messed up. You get tense. Time gets lost. The cure is awareness. It means to be fully present in the current moment, whether you are with a patient, filling out paperwork or sitting in a meeting. Awareness gives inner peace and energy. Below are four ways to strengthen yours: Awareness Check During a conference, while with a patient, or on your lunch break, listen to others very attentively. Take it in without any inner judgment. Stop for a moment before you reply. In that way, you show the other person respect and you give yourself time to breathe. Mini Meditation Twice a day, close your eyes for about two minutes. How does your face feel? Is your forehead soft, your jaws loose, your eyes relaxed? Wherever you feel tightness, soften it with your thoughts. Sense Training Throughout the day, become aware with your senses of what you are doing. How does it feel when you shake your patient's hand? What is the sound of your patient's voice? How does the tea smell that you are holding in your hands? Mental Travel When chaos is rolling in on you, switch out real fast. Go with your eyes through the room and focus on an item for a few seconds that you haven't noticed before. This short focus exercise helps you to calm down. Self-Reflection Questions How well do I stay present with my thoughts? Which exercise mentioned above am I willing to try this week? Iris Grimm is the creator of the Balanced Physician programs. She provides physicians a comprehensive support system to meet their unique work, life and leadership challenges. For more information visit