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Career fair tips for physicians

Though the majority of today’s hiring process takes place online, career fairs are still an important tool to give your job search a boost and enhance your career options. Attending these free events provides you the opportunity to meet with a variety of employers face-to-face, and help you make a connection the physician recruiters who drive hiring decisions at their facilities.

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Here are some tips to maximize your experience and use career fairs to your advantage:

Create a Game Plan

Many career fairs publicize the names of employers attending the event. Research those organizations beforehand to find out which ones are recruiting in your specialty, and write down any questions you have. Once you’ve decided which employers interest you, map out a plan of attack. Make sure you have plenty of time to visit with the recruiters from the organizations at the top of your list so you can make connections and get answers to your questions. The exhibitor list is continually updated, so check it often to make sure you don’t miss any potential employers.

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Dress for Success

Career fairs are typically casual events, however, it’s still important to dress professionally. You never know when the perfect job opportunity will present itself, and you’ll want to be ready to create a good first impression when it does.

Be Prepared

Even if you aren’t seriously looking for a position right now, it’s important to keep your CV up-to-date. Some career fairs will upload your CV to their site before the event for exhibitors to access. However, bring a few copies of your CV for employers who prefer to have a hard copy.

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To save time, bring a contact card to leave with recruiters that includes the following information:

  • Name and specialty
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Remember to create an email address that is solely for professional use, and check it often. Also, if you’re interested in working locum tenens, include on your contact card any areas or locations you’d like to work.

Follow Up with New Contacts

While you’re at the event, create a list of recruiters and other attendees with whom you want to keep in touch. Following the event, send them an email, thank you note or LinkedIn invitation to maintain the connection and continue the conversation.

Check out these resources for more tips on searching for a job, preparing for an interview and updating your CV.

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