Category - Managing a Practice

Category - Managing a Practice

How to bill for locum tenens services

March 1st, 2023 With a little planning and effort, good locum tenens billing practices can help you to turn locums from a cost center into a profit center.

Where to Start? - Why you should add a PA or NP to your Practice

September 28th, 2016 In this uncertain time of health reform physician practices are challenged to transition to value based healthcare, without a clear understanding of exactly how to operationally move away from a traditional fee for service model.

Locum Tenens Onboarding Checklist

July 22nd, 2015 To ensure that locum tenens providers are successful and deliver quality care, proper onboarding and direction is essential. Here are several tips for a good orientation.

How to Cultivate a Great Culture at Your Hospital or Facility

June 22nd, 2015 Creating a great company culture is not only the best way to improve employee engagement and productivity but it also sets you apart from your competitors and increases your candidate pool.

How Practices Generate Revenue

November 6th, 2012 OPM Education’s Bonnie S. Mason, MD examines how different practice types generate revenue. In this fascinating webinar, you’ll learn how to understand cash flow, productivity, and points of vulnerability for fraud and embezzlement within a practice.​