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Doing Our Part to Help Fix the Physician Shortage

November 2nd, 2012 In scanning the news, it seems that everybody is talking about the physician shortage. Here are just some of the headlines from the past week.

Interview with Dr. Cohn: How Young Physicians Can Integrate Into the New Healthcare Reform Models

July 2nd, 2012 I was impressed, recently, by the house staff president at a large state university program who initially invited me to speak to all of the residents and fellows on the business of medicine. At the conclusion of my lecture to the 150 residents and fellows, this outgoing president vehemently noted, "My wife is experiencing some of the exact things that Dr. Mason referred to in her lecture. She has received a couple of employment contracts, one of which was pretty good but was rescinded. The other is, in fact, an income guarantee, and we now know that an income guarantee is a loan. But we have to understand everything else to from malpractice and tail coverage to finances. Then, in a voice as empowering as I have heard from a resident recently, 'Guys, we have to understand IT (the business of medicine) ALL!'"