Client's Guide to Hiring the Best Candidate

August 22nd, 2011 1 Min read Client's Guide to Hiring the Best Candidate Blog
Download PDF Hiring the right person is often challenging and time-consuming. Every step of the hiring process must be approached thoughtfully and professionally to ensure new hires are appropriately sourced, are the right fit for the job, and enjoy a seamless transition into the position. If you have experience hiring employees, you know how important this decision is. It takes many hours and considerable expense to advertise a position, review resumes, conduct phone and face-to-face interviews, and train a new employee to perform the job. Because of this investment in time and resources, you want to feel confident that you have hired the right person for the job. The white paper “How to Source, Hire, and Retain the Best Candidates” walks you through each step—from sourcing candidates to onboarding new hires correctly to addressing common retention challenges. It covers clues to look for in a resume, how to decide what characteristics you really need, questions to ask in an interview, questions you’re not allowed to ask, negotiating the hire, and much more.