Cultural Fit is Just as Important as Clinical Competency

April 11th, 2013 1 Min read Cultural Fit is Just as Important as Clinical Competency Blog
How does one determine if a physician would be a good fit for a particular practice or hospital? Before we try answering that question, perhaps we should explore what "fit" means. As a nationally ranked best workplace, we consider fit even more important than technical ability. When interviewing job applicants, we look beyond a candidate's skills and interests to ensure that his or her principles are consistent with our organization's core values. Upholding your core values is important because they are the foundation of your culture, a major contributing factor in creating a great place to work. Having engaged employees who bring their best every day will make a difference in your organization's performance, regardless of what industry you're in. Likewise, a physician who wants to be at a facility, and demonstrates this through his work and interaction with patients and staff, will have a positive impact on the quality of care that is delivered. This is why it's so important to invest the time in making the right hiring choice. For some great advice on this subject, read "Hiring for Cultural Fit at Your Medical Practice" by Melissa Byington, president of CompHealth locum tenens, for Physicians Practice. Readers, do you believe that cultural fit is as important as clinical competency? Should it be a deciding factor in hiring decisions? Why or why not?