Dr. Noel Lumpkin: I'm a Physician and a Writer

October 17th, 2016 0 Min read Dr. Noel Lumpkin: I'm a Physician and a Writer Blog
For more than a decade, Dr. Noel Lumpkin has chosen to work locum tenens. It allows her to carve out time for herself and leave the stress from permanent positions behind. She now travels the country practicing medicine and creating new adventures for herself. After being asked many times by fellow physicians why she works locums Lumpkin took a month off work so she could document her experience and answer those questions. That documentation became her book, Road Warrior Physician, which highlights what she has learned and provides tips for those that are thinking about trying locums for themselves. Watch this video to see how Lumpkin is able to continue practicing medicine, while she is also able to pursue her passion for writing.