Fast and Precise Locum Tenens Staffing in a Big City

October 5th, 2010 3 Min read Fast and Precise Locum Tenens Staffing in a Big City Blog
Download PDF Read how CompHealth applied its in-depth healthcare staffing experience in successfully managing a complex recruiting challenge for Premier Healthcare, a large hospital in New York City. Background Premier Healthcare is a large organization in the heart of New York City. For the last 50 years, the facility has been offering medical care to people with disabilities and their families. Successfully helping disabled people of all ages achieve their highest level of independence, the facility has built a reputation for sensitivity and commitment to the unique needs of its patient base. Large groups of physicians practice many different specialties under one roof. Recently, a full-time physician working in the facility wanted some time off to go back to school and visit family. Premier wanted to do everything in its power to replace the physician quickly and continue to offer quality patient care seamlessly. Challenge The key challenge in this situation was achieving speed and accuracy in filling the staffing gap. This large metropolitan facility serves high numbers of patients every day and maintains a reputation for high quality standards of service, both extremely important factors to the professionals at Premier. The need was for a physician with a high standard of commitment to patient care. The sensitive and specific needs of the facility’s population further amplified the challenges. Also, the timing of the placement was around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays making it all the more difficult to contact providers. In addition, logistics was a significant challenge due to the fact that the facility is located in New York City. Providing the physician with accommodations within certain distances and in preferred areas was a priority. Over and above being a healthcare staffing challenge, this situation proved to be a complex administrative challenge that required participation by specific experts on the CompHealth team. The representative from the facility had worked with CompHealth before, but on this occasion was a bit apprehensive because of the unique, complex, and time-sensitive nature of the staffing need. Solution To address the big city challenge, CompHealth put together a seasoned team of professionals including a logistics expert and those who had prior experience working with the facility. The team launched an extensive search for physicians who met the criteria and proceeded to check them all out individually. All care was taken to make sure that the requirements and expectations were clearly communicated to both the client and the physician to ensure a perfect match. Meticulous details like including the National Institute for People with Disabilities in the candidate search, perfecting the practice description to focus on the precise qualifications and using online tools to determine the easiest commuting routes for the physician were all thoroughly examined in the solution process. The CompHealth team covered all possible points of contention at every step of the process. Every aspect of this placement was treated with attention, intensity and precision. The CompHealth team even created opportunities early in the process for the facility to speak with the physician directly. Finally, the perfect match was found and the right physician was hired for the facility. Results The CompHealth team took care to identify every aspect of the need and leveraged its deep resources to deliver a superior solution. The team reacted very fast to the dynamic, time-sensitive nature of the coverage request and every member pitched in with determination and tenacity to meet the common goal of helping Premier Healthcare to continue to provide quality healthcare. The CompHealth team did the work behind the worker so the facility and the physician could focus on what they do best—providing excellent patient care. In the end, both the client and the physician were impressed with CompHealth’s quality of service delivery. The representative from the facility said, “I choose CompHealth because they listen to me as the customer and they understand exactly what I need.” Also expressing appreciation for CompHealth’s work, the physician said, “I don’t know too many places that would do that. Absolutely amazing.”