5 locations that need locums right now

June 30th, 2021 8 Min read 5 locations that need locums right now Blog

The aging baby boomer population and increased access to healthcare services has created a growing demand for healthcare workers around the U.S. As a locum tenens physician, PA, or NP, you are in high demand in many states around the nation. Here are five locations you should consider when choosing your next locums job opportunity.

1. California

California shore

California’s population is aging — more local doctors are retiring and the need for locum tenens providers is increasing rapidly. With high demand, there are many low-competition opportunities for locum physicians, PAs, and NPs across all specialties.

California is also expected to grant NPs full practice authority by 2023 with the goal of streamlined care and increased cost savings.

Plus, your time off in California could be spent enjoying the mountains, beaches, or famous amusement parks. You really can do almost anything here!

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2. New York

New York City

Demand for physicians in New York is rising due to the aging population and increased access to healthcare services. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of physicians and surgeons nationwide will grow 11.4% between 2016 and 2026. But over the same period, average growth rates in New York for physician and surgeon positions will rise by 19.3%. Demand for physicians will be especially high in inner-city and rural areas.

If you take a locums job in New York and decide to stay, the state offers financial benefits for physicians who choose to make 5-year commitments. The New York State Department of Health’s Physician Loan Repayment Program provides up to $150,000 in loan repayment in exchange for a 5-year service obligation.

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3. Pennsylvania


Similar to New York and California, Pennsylvania has a high demand for physicians, especially in primary care. In coming years, more primary care physicians will be needed to maintain the state’s current utilization rates. According to the Robert Graham Center, the state will need an additional 380 primary care physicians by 2030 — an estimated 4% increase from where numbers are at today.

As one of the original 13 colonies, Pennsylvania is one of the best states to visit to learn about early America’s rich history. Home to the famous cheesesteak, Hershey’s Chocolate World, and the annual Groundhog Day celebration, you are bound to make memories when taking a locums job here. Physicians, PAs, and NPs that work locums in Pennsylvania can also take the opportunity to visit nearby cities such as: New York City, Washington DC, Baltimore, or New Jersey.

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4. Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

There are 22,363 active physicians in Illinois in 2021, compared to 36,240 active physicians in 2018. More healthcare professionals are necessary to help improve the physician/patient ratio and provide the care needed in Illinois communities. Because Illinois is one of the states that participates in the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC), obtaining a medical license there is simpler if you already hold your primary license in one of the other participating states.

Also known as the Prairie State, Illinois has many activities for visitors. From conservatories and museums to state parks and national forests, there are countless things to do and see. For those that enjoy city life, Chicago offers day cruises along the river, ghost tours, art institutes, zoos, and river walks. If you happen to find yourself in Chicago, be sure to also check out the Willis Tower Glass Platform and The Bean!

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5. Wisconsin


Wisconsin is another IMLC state, making it easier to get licensed to care for patients there. Mirroring national trends, Wisconsin’s population is rapidly aging, creating an increased demand for healthcare. The state is also feeling the effects of many of its healthcare professionals retiring, creating a need for locums providers to step in and provide care.

Physicians, NPs, and PAs, who take assignments in Wisconsin will have a lot to keep them busy during their time off. The Midwestern state is adjacent to two Great Lakes and thousands of smaller lakes, providing easy access to kayaking, fishing, and boating. For those who prefer to stay on land, you can explore local breweries, attend an outdoor music festival, or cheer on the green and gold at a Packers football game.

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Many opportunities to help

Regardless of which specialty you work in, there are numerous opportunities to help people throughout the nation. Whether it’s in one of these five states or another location, locum tenens physicians, PAs, and NPs are in high demand and make a big difference daily in the lives of their patients.

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