Free eBook Reveals How To Find Physician Jobs

October 15th, 2010 2 Min read Free eBook Reveals How To Find Physician Jobs Blog
Overview: Hiring managers, recruiters and staffing decision makers spend an average of 30 seconds or less reviewing credentials like curriculum vitae. CompHealth has created a free e-book to help physicians get past that firsthurdle on their search for physician jobs. There are a lot of hoops to jump through on the way to becoming a physician. Before medical school, there is a lot of talk about the importance of MCAT scores. Before graduation, the emphasis turns to board exams and residency applications. And before securing a job, the next step is to pass the CV review with a hiring professional. In addition to receiving scans from staffing professionals, many healthcare systems use an application tracking system programmed to measure a CV against predetermined key words. For example, a doctor searching for therapy jobs could be eliminated from the search immediately simply because the content of the CV isn't presented the right way. To help physicians find permanent or locum tenens jobs, CompHealth has created a free e-book designed to help get past that final barrier and into the race for the job. Three highlights from the e-book include: A CV should be a quick read - A clear format with information on Education, Certification and Work History - including dates and locations - is essential.Tip: The CV should include all-inclusive information about dates of your activities in month/year format. A CV should meet the needs of the audience - After passing the initial scan, a CV is reviewed for fit - from experience in working in similar environments to familiarity with electronic medical records (EMR) systems.Tip: Research a potential workplace to discover their key needs. Incorporate relevant information into the CV that demonstrates an ability to meet the needs of the workplace. A CV should explain any gaps - Licensing and certification requirements for physician jobs vary between states and among diverse work environments, but unaccounted gaps in work experience can doom a job search.Tip: Address questions on time gaps that may come up for employers. Create summary explanation to accompany explanations to accompany an application as they happen, and maintain these records in order to send them out with each CV. Download eBook (PDF) About CompHealth Founded in 1979, CompHealth, a CHG Healthcare Services company, is the leading provider of temporary physician staffing (also known as locum tenens) and physician permanent placement services in the United States. The company is also a leading provider of temporary and permanent allied health staffing.