Freud's Insights on Confidentiality for Surgeons and Physicians During a Job Search

July 26th, 2012 2 Min read Freud's Insights on Confidentiality for Surgeons and Physicians During a Job Search Blog
I am always amazed when surgeons seeking new job opportunities are leery about working with a search firm but have no hesitations or reservations about posting their CVs on job boards or job websites. Here's why: Several months ago I was working with a surgeon who was completing his fellowship and had entrusted me with his job search. After a lengthy telephone interview during which he told me about his personal and professional criteria for his ideal job, I identified just such a job. He agreed it was perfect. After submitting this candidate's credentials, I received a call from the client. I was expecting good news. However, the client said this candidate would not be considered for the surgeon vacancy because he appeared desperate. Upon further inquiry, the client informed me I was the fourth person to send him this candidate's CV during the past 10 days. I always ask candidates where they have sent a CV so I specifically avoid these places. It does not help a surgeon look organized or on top of his/her game when the CV is sent to the same place multiple times. When I shared what the client told me, the candidate was confused and livid. Apparently, I was the only recruiter to whom he had given permission to send his CV. However, he had posted his CV online. I encourage all the surgeons who work with me to keep track of their CV and of the places where it has been sent -- particularly with regard to facilities and practices with surgeon vacancies. I also explain there are ethical physician recruiters like my colleagues and me at CompHealth. I caution, however, that there are unscrupulous ones who present CVs they find online as if they are representing these candidates even though they have never spoken with them or received their consent to send their CV. By posting his CV online, this surgeon lost the opportunity to interview for his ideal job. Rather than posting your CV and losing track of who has it, enlisting the services of a reputable search firm can dramatically improve your chances of finding a practice opportunity that truly matches your criteria. It is also a choice that can save you considerable time and energy during this busy time of your life. The services are usually completely free to you, with costs picked up by the client group or facility. By working with my colleagues and me at CompHealth, you are assured of cooperation and confidentiality. These are in your best interest. We have a policy of not distributing your personal information to clients or anyone else without obtaining your consent. Doesn't this sound better than just sending your CV into cyberspace and hoping for the best outcome? So if you are a surgeon (practicing, fellow, or resident), who is board-certified or board-eligible in the USA, contact me now to help you with your job search. If you're a physician in another specialty, I can also refer you to one of my colleagues who handles your specialty.