Freud's Insights on Evaluating New Physician Job Opportunities

May 24th, 2012 1 Min read Freud's Insights on Evaluating New Physician Job Opportunities Blog
Of course the objective behind all the time you spend writing and rewriting your CV, polishing cover letters, interviewing, and sending thank you notes is to get as many job offers as you can so you can pick which one is best for you. So, assuming you get multiple offers, how do you decide which one is best for you?
  • First, be intuitive. Go with your gut feelings. Sometimes you get feelings that some offers and jobs are a better fit for you than others. don't ignore these feelings.
  • Second, be realistic. What were the five most important criteria on your list that your next job needed to meet? Just like no new house has everything you want, and you may have to settle for some things to get most of what you want, the same is true with a job. When you are offered opportunities that meet many of these criteria, even if they do not meet all of them, seriously consider these opportunities.
  • Third, if after these evaluations, you still have multiple opportunities to consider, it's a good idea to sit down and do a side-by-side comparison of the pros and cons of each. Don't underestimate the importance of taking time to evaluate and consider all the job opportunities you are offered. However, we also recommend you do not take too much time. A popular saying is "time kills all deals." The truth is: potential employers want to be wanted just like you, the candidate, want to be wanted. If too much time passes, potential employers may question your interest in their opportunities. They may also be concerned that you are "shopping" their offers - that is, using them to negotiate better offers elsewhere.
It is an exciting time when the offers roll in, and you are in the driver's seat and get to choose. Remember, that if you are working with CompHealth, you also can always call your search consultant and talk about the various opportunities as you decide which is best for you. My colleagues and I are here for you and look forward to working with you every step of the way!