Friends, Relationships, and Good-Natured Competition at ASPR

August 31st, 2012 1 Min read Friends, Relationships, and Good-Natured Competition at ASPR Blog
More than 250 healthcare facilities represented. Over 360 recruiting professionals. And 69 exhibitors, the majority of which were medical staffing firms, locum tenens companies, or healthcare job boards. By all indications, healthcare recruiting is a robust industry. The 2012 ASPR Annual Conference brought it all together in the impressive confines of the JW Marriott at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles. As acorporate partner, CompHealth has been a part of ASPR conferences for 18 years - and it shows. The amount of visits, handshakes, photographs, and hugs was impressive, reflecting the value placed on building lasting, meaningful relationships in this industry. We are grateful to our clients and partners for sharing their stories with us, or just stopping by to say hi. A glance at the conference's agenda indicated the importance on staying ahead of change. Titles of content included phrases like "Decoding the Future," "The race to Recruit" and "The new Paradigm." Especially thought-provoking was Tuesday's keynote speech "The New Health Age: The Future of Health Care in America," which gave attendees a perspective on the incredible rate of change predicted to occur as the 21st century's communications and information age -- already standards in retail or home services - makes a full integration into healthcare operations. Best of all for our staff was the time spent with old friends, new faces, and yes, even our competition. Ultimately, we're all hoping to provide the vital services of keeping hospitals and healthcare facilities operating efficiently and providing quality care for our communities. Photo Op CompHealth Booth Darrin and Friends See you in Tucson next August!