From Near Immobility to New Hope: A Testimonial

June 27th, 2013 1 Min read From Near Immobility to New Hope: A Testimonial Blog
We often get emails or letters from therapists about their experiences working in different places and types of clinics around the country. This story actually came from a patient's son, whose mother was treated by a physical therapist assistant we placed in Maryland -- and it was too good not to share. Dennis wanted his 90-year old mother to have the best possible care but didn't know where to turn. She was barely mobile and in somewhat poor health, but he did not want to see her give up. He reached out to a home health company in Maryland,  where he met Fran, who is a traveling PTA with CompHealth. Dennis was so impressed with Fran that he said she was one of the best caregivers he's ever met. "She has worked with Mom to make her more mobile than I ever dreamed possible, even showing her a way to safely climb the stairs," Dennis shares. With Fran's help, Dennis' mother is able to enjoy quality time with her grandchildren, who call her Nana. At a time when their family needed an answer most, Fran was there to heed the call. Watching his mother's turnaround has made the family so happy. "The progress at Fran's gentle and caring hand exceeded any and all of even my wildest dreams. Mom is even anxious to attend the wedding of my nephew in New Jersey, [which] prior to Fran's miraculous work, she wasn't even considering" Dennis expresses. "To sum it up, on a scale of 1-10 stars, I give Fran an 18." The work of recruiting is most rewarding when we can see the impact people like Fran makes. It reinforces the belief that what we do matters!