Giving Back via Locums

March 13th, 2012 1 Min read Giving Back via Locums Blog
The employees of CompHealth take some satisfaction that we are providing a much needed service. Certainly, the Company is in business to make a profit and employees work hard and efficient to make a good living for our families. However, the service we provide in helping to level healthcare shortages throughout the country does provide an intrinsic benefit to each of us. We are particularly proud to provide this service to the underserved areas with Indian Health Services, VA hospitals and clinics, and the very poor rural America. Interestingly, we've had a few physicians inquire whether they could donate part or all their compensation while on assignment to such not-for-profit organizations and thereby minimize their Form 1099-MISC taxable compensation. Unfortunately, tax law prohibits such a strategy. CompHealth must report the full compensation and the physician may gift cash to the organization and claim an itemized deduction like any other charitable contribution. That said, physicians that have paid off their student loans, have their family finances in order and have a philanthropical yearning to do something with their healthcare expertise might consider taking one or more assignments in such areas, even if only for a long weekend or vacation week. For obvious reasons these assignments are less financially lucrative for the physician and for us, but it is an easy and convenient opportunity to "give something back" to the broader community with CompHealth providing all the logistics work. Granted this is not a "Doctors Without Borders" gig, but might be a chance to see first-hand the communities and people where providing more directly your time and/or financial resources truly gives something back.