Hiring Tips for Physician Practice Owners

February 19th, 2013 1 Min read Hiring Tips for Physician Practice Owners Blog
I've started blogging for the practice management resource, Physicians Practice, covering topics related to staffing. In my commitment to give the best advice possible, I'm going to draw on not only my own experience in physician recruiting, but also on the expertise of my CompHealth family. They represent all areas of healthcare staffing and are arguably the best in the business! My first post addresses major considerations for practice owners thinking about bringing on a new colleague. There are a lot of factors that go into making such an important decision, not the least of which is determining fit. A colleague of mine had a mentor tell him, "The more critical the need, and the more unique the solution, the less you will have to negotiate." When he first heard this, he thought it referred to negotiations about money. After more than 15 years recruiting and placing physicians, he eventually realized that by having a true understanding of needs, and creating solutions that specifically address those needs, the time it takes to reach an agreement can be significantly reduced. This is a great story because it illustrates how one's outlook changes over time and with experience. I would love to hear what others have learned about recruiting physicians. Have I hit on the right points for a practice owners, or is there something else worth taking into account? Read my blog post, "Hiring a New Physician: Five Critical Questions," and join the discussion.