How a Staffing Company’s Culture Can Make Your Job Easier

October 27th, 2016 4 Min read How a Staffing Company’s Culture Can Make Your Job Easier Blog
Healthcare facilities have business relationships with many organizations outside of their own. If you work or use locum tenens healthcare providers you may have a handful of staffing agencies you use. So how does the culture of those organizations help, hinder or not affect your everyday work? The answer might surprise you, the culture of your staffing agency can make a huge difference in the way you are treated and the services you receive. At CompHealth we are proud to have one of the greatest cultures of any organization in the country. We were recently named to Modern Healthcare’s list of Best Places to Work in Healthcare. Add to this our nine consecutive years on Fortune’s list of Great Places to Work and we feel we’re uniquely qualified to talk about the positive benefits of culture.  So how does our culture help your work?

Low Turnover Means Better Recruiters

Physician recruiters know that relationships matter. As you work to hire new docs for your facility, you work to build trust. You expect that same trust in the staffing agencies that help you fill jobs. If there is constant turnover in your agency you are always building new relationships, the same goes for our reps relationships with our doctors. The industry average for turnover is near 50 percent, our turnover rate is just 16 percent. Less turnover means you’ll work with reps longer. Our reps stick around for years. This allows us to have strong long-term relationships with you and with our physicians. These relationships help to ensure you are receiving the most qualified physicians for your open jobs. We improve retention by doing things like:
  • Creating good work/life balance
  • Offering development opportunities and leadership training
  • Celebrating our successes with hundreds of events each year, recognition programs and more

People Come First

We also are a very purpose driven organization. We believe that if we always put people first we will be successful. Some of the ways we put people first is by being transparent in our communications, focusing on quality and always maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity. When we recommend a provider for your facility, we put your needs first. We only offer doctors who we would recommend to our own friends and family. This applies to our own people as well as all of the healthcare providers and clients we work with and ultimately this reflects back on the millions of patients our physicians serve every year. We talk about this constantly with our people and don’t make any decision, big or small, without asking ourselves how it affects our employees, our clients and our providers.

recruiter-on-phoneEmpowered Employees are Problem Solvers

Another tenant of our culture is empowering our people. Our employees are able to solve almost any problem for our providers and clients. They are trained to make sure our clients and providers have perfect matches and will work hard to fix anything less than that. And it’s not just about solving a staffing problem. They are also empowered to help on a personal level. One of our client reps was working closely with an in-house physician recruiter to staff an OB/GYN unit for a hospital. While on the phone, the unexpected happened: The recruiter burst into tears. It turns out she was trying to manage the unit remotely so she could be with her daughter who was battling leukemia in another state. Her CompHealth rep immediately offered to take over the facility’s scheduling and she and her team were able to offer relief for the hospital recruiter in a time of need. But the CompHealth rep didn’t stop there. She gathered her resources to send her client a Kindle e-reader for long nights at the cancer center, and also created a care package for the daughter, complete with a blanket, mug, tea, manicure set and more. This type of behavior is not unique, it’s just part of our culture. And it’s that culture that not only makes CompHealth a great place to work but also a great place to work with. We are dedicated to both our healthcare providers and facilities and encourage you to make sure you are getting the most out of our relationship, let our culture help you improve yours.