INFOGRAPHIC: 7 Physical Therapy Myths Debunked

December 12th, 2014 1 Min read INFOGRAPHIC: 7 Physical Therapy Myths Debunked Blog
Physical therapists work with thousands of patients each year to improve their mobility, manage and relieve pain and recover from injuries. Yet many myths persist about the profession. Check out the most common physical therapy myths in this infographic from Move Forward PT, the official consumer information website of the American Physical Therapy Association. (You can also read a more detailed version here.) pt-myths-600 Physical therapists also have the opportunity to take travel assignments, where they choose where in the country they want to work and in what type of facility. Here are a few reasons why our physical therapy travelers love taking assignments: A great opportunity for recent graduates — “Don’t be afraid to travel as a new grad!” says Rachel, a CompHealth physical therapist. “I love exploring new places and [travel assignments] help me figure out where I’d been interested in living permanently.” A chance to enjoy the finer things — Jeff was drawn to the opportunity to work at first-class health facilities in some of his favorite cities, including Key West, Seattle and Los Angeles. While on assignment, he and his wife visit all the tourist destinations first and then discover the best local hangouts. Using travel assignments to grow professionally—Nicole believes it’s important to use assignments to get to know other professionals. “Everyone has different knowledge and experience to draw from — it all helps you grow as a professional,” she says. Check out all open PT jobs here.


Lindsay Wilcox

Lindsay Wilcox

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