INFOGRAPHIC: 7 Steps to Finding Your Next Allied Healthcare Job

April 1st, 2015 1 Min read INFOGRAPHIC: 7 Steps to Finding Your Next Allied Healthcare Job Blog
The job search can be exhausting and time-consuming — which is why you need all the help you can get. We’ve provided seven steps that can make the search a bit easier.
  1. Begin your search. Look at open jobs in your specialty online, either on a staffing company’s website or through job boards like
  2. Determine what you’re looking for. Have specific goals in mind, such as a state or region you’d like to work in, type of facility and even pay range so you can let your recruiter know.
  3. Find the right match. Once your recruiter has searched for your jobs that fit your requirements, narrow down your choices to the ones you like best.
  4. Choose potential employers. Now that you have several choices, decide which facilities you’d like to interview with and let your recruiter know so he or she can schedule a meeting.
  5. Nail the phone interview. With adequate preparation and some tips on interviewing well and being confident, you’re sure to do well in a phone interview with a potential employer. Check out our post “5 Secrets to Nailing a Physician Phone Interview” for more information.
  6. Impress in the on-site interview. Some people find the on-site interview less intimidating than a phone interview because you can interact with your future employer face to face. Dress to impress, be conscious of your body language and get more tips in “How to Ace a Physician Interview.”
  7. Negotiate the contract. Your recruiter (and even the legal team, if you’d like them to review it) can help you reach an agreement with the salary, benefits and schedule you need.
Check out our infographic below for a visual look at each of the seven steps! PRM358_Infographic_jb_v5_Allied


Lindsay Wilcox

Lindsay Wilcox

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