Interview Preparation

June 26th, 2012 2 Min read Interview Preparation Blog
Interviewing is your opportunity to showcase your skills for potential employers, and to create a good first impression. People who interview well know that there is more to an interview than just an hour of face-to-face interaction. Getting the desired offer takes work and some preparation for you to be a successful candidate. Prepare for the interview Preparation is the key to make yourself shine in an interview. Good interview preparation includes the following steps:
  1. Assess your personal and professional needs and preferences
  2. Research the job opportunity to discover how your needs match
  3. Assess your strengths and weaknesses and be able to articulate how you have used both to accomplish goals and solve problems
  4. Practice interviewing in advance in a low-stress situation
  5. Present yourself in a professional manner
  6. Close the interview on a positive note
  7. Follow up immediately afterwards
Before going into a facility to meet potential employers, know the types of questions they will ask and prepare some questions of your own to ask about the position and facility. Learn about the community In addition to researching the position and facility, you will also want to do some legwork about the community prior to arriving at the interview. Gather information about the following:
  • What is the relative cost of living compared to the salary being offered?
  • Is the population increasing or declining, and how will it affect your patient load?
  • Is the area’s economy dependent upon one or two major employers?
  • How many similar positions are available in the community?
  • Are good schools and childcare available, and what other family needs should be considered?
  • How well does the area fit your values and your lifestyle? Check climate, recreational opportunities, housing, religious institutions, etc.
The Internet, public library, healthcare workers in the community, current or former employees, local medical associations and societies, area hospitals, the Chamber of Commerce, and real estate professionals are all good resources for this type of information. Follow up after the interview Follow up promptly by sending a letter or email with attachments to each person with whom you interviewed. Be sure to reiterate the reasons you believe you are qualified and to thank them for their time and interest in you. If you have questions about interviewing, contact a CompHealth representative who can help you practice and prepare for your next interview.