January Job Outlook

February 17th, 2011 1 Min read January Job Outlook Blog
Great news from our permanent placement team! According to the latest job trends report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare jobs are trending up. Here at CompHealth, we have also seen a significant increase in demand with new job orders up 29% over last month. The increase we are seeing is across most medical specialties, but I'd like to highlight the demand for primary care physicians in particular. The demand for primary care physicians increased 14% year over year from 2009 to 2010. In addition, the primary care demand increased 57% from December of 2010 to January of 2011! We believe this increase in demand is based on a few different factors: an aging population, physicians who are retiring now that the market is improving, and the fact that physicians are choosing to specialize in areas such as hospitalists or occupational care. We believe this trend not only speaks to the improvements in the economy but also is an indication that employers are once again addressing the higher demand for healthcare by consumers. View the report here. To see these new jobs as well as all the jobs that we are currently recruiting for, please visit our job board.