Job Application Tips: Getting Your Paperwork Organized

March 5th, 2014 2 Min read Job Application Tips: Getting Your Paperwork Organized Blog
Download PDF Getting started early on your applications makes sense. As a resident, you know that these applications can be very time and labor intensive, especially if you don’t have a good management system for your personal information. Getting all your information and paperwork organized is a big job. But once you have everything together and in an easily accessible format, the job becomes much more manageable. One option for managing your information and paperwork is storing everything online or having electronic files of all your paperwork. Electronic files may also function as a backup to your hard copies and can be a lifesaver if those copies get lost, damaged, or destroyed. There are several ways you can store your information electronically.

Create PDFs of All Your Documents and Store Them on Your Hard Drive

Storing PDFs is relatively easy and makes sending your documents fast and effective. You will need a scanner to create electronic copies of files that exist only in paper form. Using PDFs is a good choice for several reasons.
  • Email forms instead of faxing—provides a much clearer and faster delivery of information
  • Upload all your information to your personal website easily and quickly
  • Provide documents that cannot be altered or changed

Create a Personal Website

Even if you’re not actively searching for a new position, it’s smart to keep an updated record of your achievements. There are several sites on the Internet that offer you the tools to create your own, personalized Career website.
  • Include a home page with an introduction
  • Upload an image of your choice
  • Post your résumé
  • List your references
  • Upload or link to articles you’ve written or published
  • Provide your unique website URL or address to anyone you wish, including potential employers
  • Brand your site as a member of a specialty and/or professional medical organization

Important Information and Documents to Include in Your Electronic Files

  • Curriculum vitae
  • PGY certificates*
  • ECFMG certificate*
  • CME certificates
  • DD214* (discharge/separation from active duty)
  • DEA certificate
  • Birth certificate/passport
  • References
  • Contact information
  • Malpractice information
*where applicable