Locum tenens for work-life balance: Dr. Zhu spotlight (NOT USED)

June 20th, 2018 2 Min read Locum tenens for work-life balance: Dr. Zhu spotlight (NOT USED) Blog
For this doctor and chef, Locum Tenens is an Essential Ingredient to Practicing Medicine Family Practice doctor. Osteopath. Chef. Public speaker. YouTube star. Dr. Collin Zhu cannot be summed up in one word, nor can he be contained by a traditional lifestyle. He values the freedom, autonomy, and work-life balance of locum tenens because it allows him to pursue his many passions. “I typically live a nontraditional life,” says Dr. Zhu, whose mother imparted wisdom about her Chinese medicine practice and inspired him to focus on prevention and wellness. His belief in food as medicine led him to pursue a culinary school education on top of his more traditional medical degree, and together they give him the knowledge to teach and empower others. He speaks at conferences and workshops, and he even has his own YouTube Channel, “The Chef Doc.” Dr. Zhu believes that locums gives him the ability to better focus on his patients. He finds that because he can dictate the patient flow, he has more time to spend with each one.  “Locums allows me more freedom to explain more about their disease process,” he says. “It’s more fulfilling to me because I’m teaching them what is going on with their body and health, and with education, it empowers them to do things differently.” Some physicians prefer to work locums to bring in extra income on top of a permanent position. Dr. Zhu, however, loves doing locums as his full-time work. “There is a [locum tenens] job for everyone,” he says. “Locums gives you the ability to gain back that time, gain back that autonomy, and allows you to have a better work-life experience, in my opinion.” And his recruiter? “She’s fabulous. She’s nothing short of amazing, awesome. She has a great work ethic; she’s proactive.” Dr. Zhu has plenty of praise for his CompHealth recruiter, who takes care of housing, travel, rental cars, malpractice, licensing, credentialing, hospital privileges, and the list goes on. “She, like everyone else at CompHealth, holds true to the core values of the company.” Hear more from Dr. Zhu about why he loves locum tenens and CompHealth, or start exploring on your own. To contact a recruiter, call 800.453.3030.


Jordan Gaddis

Jordan Gaddis

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