How Locum Tenens Has Allowed This PA to Broaden Her Horizons

April 13th, 2017 4 Min read How Locum Tenens Has Allowed This PA to Broaden Her Horizons Blog
Catie Hauck has been working locum tenens with CompHealth since 2014 and enjoys the freedom it gives her to explore the country. At first, Catie was unsure about taking a travel assignment. Once her recruiter understood her initial trepidation, he found her an assignment in Tennessee so she could test the waters while still staying close to her hometown of Kentucky. “It was a great way of getting my foot in the door, because it wasn’t too far away from home,” Catie shares. “I could take some weekend trips and still see family and friends.”

Expanding Her Horizons

Catie had such a positive experience on her first assignment that she began to venture further from home. So far, she’s taken assignments in Tennessee, Oregon, and New Mexico, and is now heading to Montana. She uses the time spent on her travel assignments to explore every bit of the city and surrounding area — from hiking, to visiting local hotspots, to enjoying the local nightlife with her newfound friends. “You form these relationships and bonds, as you tend to gravitate towards those you work with” she says. “Our get-togethers are a kind of escape from the stress of the job.” Locum tenens assignments give Catie the opportunity to experience the many different geographies of the U.S., and she always takes advantage of everything they have to offer. As difficult as it’s been to narrow down, one of her favorite assignments was the time she spent in Albuquerque, New Mexico, enjoying the food, culture, and patient population she was caring for. “I really enjoyed my time in Albuquerque because I was exposed to a different culture,” Catie remarks. “The large Native American population forced me to acclimate to caring for patients who weren’t necessarily native English speakers. This was a unique challenge, but one I felt will impact the way I approach caring for my patients for the rest of my career.” Catie prefers taking longer assignments — sometimes up to a year — rather than shorter ones. She says this allows her the ability to really explore the surrounding areas. She was able to explore most of the West coast during her assignment in Oregon. “A lot of these places I go I’m able to take a vacation for a week or simply make it a weekend trip, and I get to experience the area,” she shares. “I think for me it’s more than just travel.”

Having a Recruiter She Can Count On

Catie feels like she has found the perfect locum tenens company to work with and has formed a strong bond with her recruiter. “When I pick up the phone or send an email, I have a relationship with Travis where I can text him, email him on weekends, and I always get a quick response,” she says. “He always addresses my needs or concerns. He knows me personally; for example, he knows I need to drive instead of fly in order to travel with my dog, so he plans assignments and housing accordingly.” Her dog — an 80-pound American Bulldog — is her constant companion, and they enjoy the trips and outings they’re able to take with each assignment. Her recruiter Travis knows he needs to find housing where her dog is allowed and where they’re both comfortable — and he has never let her down. Catie appreciates having a personal point of contact, but has found that even when Travis may be unable to answer her question or is unavailable, her needs and concerns always get addressed by another CompHealth employee, and she’s quick to get a response. “There has never been a moment where I felt that I don’t know who to call for help,” Catie says. “No matter who I’m connected to, they either help me or get me to the person who can. I’ve never been left in the lurch.” Catie is thrilled to be working with CompHealth. Her experience has made her feel like part of a large family. “I drove through Salt Lake City and I stopped to meet Travis,” she shares. “It was great to put a face to a name. He gave me a tour of CompHealth, and those I was introduced to knew who I was and where I’ve traveled. It was fun. I think it’s obvious that CompHealth is like a big family.” Do you want to start your own locum tenens adventure? Check out the open PA jobs with CompHealth.


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Chad Saley

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