Majority of Physicians Need More Sleep

July 17th, 2012 1 Min read Majority of Physicians Need More Sleep Blog
Are doctors getting enough sleep? With a demanding schedule and the always-on nature of call shifts, providing a high level of patient care and finding time for proper rest and relaxation is a big challenge. A survey from CompHealth found that a majority of physicians aren't getting enough sleep, and are concerned that this can impact patient care:
  • 67 percent of doctors feel they frequently must choose between sleep and effectively caring for patients
  • More hospital physicians (74 percent) feel forced to choose between sleep and effective care than private practice physicians (64 percent)
  • Lack of sleep contributes to stress - and 63 percent of physicians are concerned about their patient care quality due to being stressed out
sleep-chart What are the best options for sleepless doctors? Can a hospital help balance workload with new staffing models? If you're a private practice owner, can you supplement your staff? When facilities use locum tenens - traveling physicians who temporarily fulfill the duties of another - doctors are able to have a more flexible schedule to accommodate the need for rest, and may need to see fewer patients due to an adequately staffed office. Give us a call at 800.453.3030 if you have questions about locums, or for information about our current locum tenens jobs.