Meet a Few of CompHealth’s Favorite Traveling Therapists

December 23rd, 2015 4 Min read Meet a Few of CompHealth’s Favorite Traveling Therapists Blog

20150612_PT_Monica_Raymond3Monica & Raymond

Monica first started traveling as a physical therapist with CompHealth in January 2007. She discovered that she loved traveling because it prevented her from experiencing burnout and boredom in her career. “It keeps me passionate about work and life in general,” says Monica. “Traveling not only keeps my skills polished, but it helps me add to my skill set!” Traveling assignments are not only a great cure for burnout, they’re also a great way to meet new people. While on her first assignment, Monica met her future-husband Raymond, who is a physical therapist assistant. Raymond saw the appeal of traveling and started his first assignment a few years after they met. He loved the opportunity to explore different areas across the country and specialties in his field. Since then, they have been able to travel as a pair. Because of these experiences, Monica and Raymond say they have been able to both grow as therapists and individuals. Read more about Monica and Raymond.

Therapist spotlight - Grace-600Grace

Grace, a speech language pathologist, started traveling with CompHealth in January 2015 because she loved the excitement of living in different places and meeting new people. Working travel assignments also allows her more time to do the things she loves, including hiking, spending time with her dog and enjoying the outdoors.

“There is a certain thrill to exploring a new city, learning the town and then getting specific work experience in various settings,” Grace shares.

Grace’s advice for other travelers is to keep an open mind when looking for a new assignment and take advantage of every minute you’re there. “There is always something unique and interesting about each setting. Start exploring the city and making friends quickly because 13 weeks flies by!” Learn more about Grace.

MelanieMelanie Hoover

When Melanie decided to try working as a traveler, the ability to see the sights was top on her list. Now, as a traveling occupational therapist, she enjoys the freedom to see different parts of the country. Melanie travels with her husband and invites her grown sons to join them on extended weekends to view many of our nation’s most beloved sights. Melanie has been traveling for more than a year and she loves the variety each job brings. Her goal is to make the most of each experience, see the surrounding sights and invite family and friends to each location. Read more about Melanie’s travels.


As a new graduate, it’s often difficult to find a job or figure out the best direction to take for your career. While finishing her degree as a physical therapist, Shawna had classmates tell her about traveling assignments. After taking time to research a few travel therapy companies, Shawna chose to work with CompHealth. When she graduated she was excited about her future and felt secure and in control of her professional life. Her first traveling assignment was close to home in Hart, Michigan where she had a great experience. The town was not super exciting, but she learned firsthand how these assignments work. Beginning anything new in life is a challenge. Shawna chose to put her fears aside and experience life to its fullest. Her advice to new therapists thinking about traveling assignments is to be open to try new things, and socialize and learn from people outside your age group. She also recommends staying close to family and friends by having them join in on the adventure. Read more about Shawna’s experience and some of her favorite places.

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