Moving and Relocation Tips for Physicians (and Everyone Else)

December 2nd, 2015 3 Min read Moving and Relocation Tips for Physicians (and Everyone Else) Blog
Moving to a new city can be challenging but relocating has the potential to be a rewarding life move. One of the most difficult parts is getting prepared to make the location switch. Many details are often overlooked during this process, which can create a nightmare when it's time for the actual move. The weeks prior to your relocation date are very important and the preparation and planning you put in during that critical period will make all the difference. These relocation tips will help you plan and prioritize from the four to six weeks period leading up to the move-out date.

Four to Six Weeks Before the MoveMoving_r

This time before the move is one of the most crucial. It’s a great time to identify items you don't want to keep. Go through your closets, basement and other storage areas to decide what items are necessary when you make the move. Donate unneeded items to charity or have a yard sale. This is also a good time to do more research on your new town, your real estate agent and local Chambers of Commerce can provide a lot of information on what to prepare for in your new place.

Two to Four Weeks Before the Move

Remember the Internet is your friend during this chaotic time. If needed, open a new bank account online and arrange to transfer funds from your current institution. You will also likely need a new doctor and dentist, check with your existing providers to ask for referrals. It is also possible to find new medical professionals for the family using online sites like AminoZoc Doc or Healthgrades. If you are changing states, make sure you find out the local requirements of your location’s Department of Motor Vehicles for driver’s licenses and vehicle inspections. If you are not using a moving company this is the time to start collecting boxes and packing up items you won't need prior to the move.

One Week Before the Move

This is your final week to get ready. Picking up dry cleaning, gathering items stored with friends and returning library books should be at the top of your list this week. You can also refill any prescriptions you may need to be prepared in case you don’t have time after you move. If you are moving yourself, this is also the time to start packing those boxes and making sure everything is ready to go on moving day.

The Day Before the Move

It’s crunch time, but don’t panic. If you plan to drive to your new location, pack a survival kit that contains items for the first week (toiletries, dishes and utensils, bedding). Now is a good time to set aside papers and valuables you’ll be traveling with, as well as toys for the kids. Mark items or boxes you plan to move yourself and put them into a separate area. This way it will ensure someone you trust packs these items.

Move-out Day

Moving day is here and you are ready to go. On this final day, plan to stay with the movers to verify your items are packed and loaded in good condition before the truck leaves. If moving yourself, you have the same job. Make sure that things are packed well and will keep your items safe and secure during the move. Finally, ensure your house is empty, clean and ready for the new tenants. Lock up and leave your key with your realtor or landlord. Congratulations! You’ve successfully made it and are on your way to your new location and job. The challenge does not end there as there is the move-in day, getting to know your new surroundings and excelling at your new place of employment. For even more information to help make your move as seamless as possible, check out our Preparing to Move guide.