My Locum Tenens Experience: Avoiding Burnout and Achieving Work/Life Balance

April 1st, 2014 2 Min read My Locum Tenens Experience: Avoiding Burnout and Achieving Work/Life Balance Blog
deidre_webDr. Deidre Redd, a physical medicine and rehab physician based in Columbus, Ohio, was ready for a change. After 11 years at a partnership practice with seven other doctors, the demands were becoming too much. “I was working seven days a week and taking two weeks off a year,” Dr. Redd recalls. “I was doing things that were burning me out, and I knew I had to terminate that partnership.” When a few friends recommended locum tenens assignments, she called CompHealth to find out more. Three years and multiple assignments later, Dr. Redd has no plans to return to full-time practice. “I work two weeks at a time, and then I’m off for however long I want to take off. I’ve found that to be incredibly lifesaving and a lot healthier for me,” she expresses. “Locum tenens allows me to have a better work/life balance. I certainly make enough money to meet my needs, and I’m able to just enjoy life.” Dr. Redd notes that flexibility is an important trait in a locum tenens provider, since she often fills assignments as a result of changes at a facility (such as a doctor quitting or taking maternity leave) and encounters unexpected environments. “Be very open because oftentimes you’re going to be among people that are used to a different culture than you are,” she advises. “I also recommend being willing to negotiate and accept new experiences within whatever hospital or private practice environment you choose.” Working exclusively with CompHealth since leaving her private practice, Dr. Redd says her relationship with recruiters makes assignments much easier. “CompHealth reduces my stress. The recruiters are supportive and allow me to express what may not be going well on an assignment or with my travel arrangements,” Dr. Redd shares. “They do the footwork so I get a license in different states and help with privileges, too. There’s not one person who hasn’t been helpful.” Dr. Redd has recommended locum tenens work to several colleagues who are making a transition from a private practice and says it’s a great option for those looking for something different. “Locum tenens enables me to have a reduced-stress lifestyle. Though it’s not worry-free, it’s much healthier for me,” she expresses. “I want to keep going and, for now, accepting assignments indefinitely.”


Lindsay Wilcox

Lindsay Wilcox

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