Occupational Therapists Learn the Truth About Travel

December 22nd, 2011 0 Min read Occupational Therapists Learn the Truth About Travel Blog
Plenty of myths surround the concept of temporary or travel healthcare jobs, especially when it comes to new graduates looking to make their next big life decision. In the rehab therapy world, the concerns that many early professionals share with us include:
  • I don't yet have enough field experience - How can I travel?
  • Won't they just put me in a job or location nobody else wants?
  • Isn't it expensive because of the travel and housing?
The CompHealth travel OT team recently addressed some of these myths in a webinar which unveils the truths about travel jobs. Take 15 minutes or so and check it out, or share with a friend. You'll hear from Dan, an occupational therapist who began taking temporary assignments just months after graduation, and meet expert consultants who help take care of all the details involved with temporary assignments. Travel therapy jobs aren't for everybody; they could be for you, though, so arm yourself with the right information before you hit the road!