Our Clients Love Working with CompHealth!

September 12th, 2016 4 Min read Our Clients Love Working with CompHealth! Blog
For six years, CompHealth has received Inavero’s Best of Staffing Award in the client satisfaction category. CompHealth is fortunate to work with great clients every day and appreciate when we have the opportunity to receive feedback based on our service. We recently had the chance to sit down with a few of our clients and ask about their experience working with CompHealth. Here’s what they had to say.

CompHealth Provides Quality Physicians and Employees

"What we look for in a staffing agency is communication. Communication is huge! You’ve got to be transparent. You’ve got to be willing to say, “You know what? I think I made a mistake.” The other things that are important is making sure that you have quality people that are working for the company, making sure that everybody is taken care of, and making sure that at the end of the day that we’re on the same track and that’s patient safety. We choose to work with CompHealth because CompHealth is one of the best locum tenens companies. I have been in this practice for almost 18 years and I have known CompHealth for all of those years in different scenarios in different places I have worked and good or bad, at the end of the day, it always seems that you are willing to work with us and get the job done. CompHealth makes my life easier by assisting and being my lifeline. By working with me and working with the staff and medical staff services we can provide good quality physicians coming into our organization by you all streamlining our physicians and making sure that they’re the best fit."

CompHealth Builds Relationships

"I continue to work with CompHealth because of the relationship that I’ve built with my client rep Chris. We have a very good process in the way that we communicate whether it’s through texting, email or phone calls. We communicate at least once a week, probably more like five times a week, which I think is a great thing because he’s truly a partner in this and we’ve really partnered on a program level to where we can discuss things ahead of time that initially two and a half years ago, when we started working together, didn’t work out. And so now we’re able to figure out some of those stumbling blocks ahead of time and we’ve really got the process down to about as efficient as we can make it right now."

CompHealth Listens to My Needs

"I’ve learned over the years that CompHealth is a very people oriented organization. They listen to my needs, they provide quality candidates, the representatives are always understanding of what our requirements are. If I do have a close deadline they manage to provide me with somebody that can meet those start dates. CompHealth makes my life easier by providing quality candidates in a timely fashion."

CompHealth Fills My Schedule with Quality Physicians

"I choose to work with CompHealth for two main reasons. One, the relationship that I have with CompHealth, it’s been developed over the last two years and has continued to develop. CompHealth has not only made an effort to get to know my needs and to work around them but they have even made an effort to come and build our relationship to the point where they actually made a trip to visit me in my office so that I could finally put the face with the phone calls. So we have a really strong relationship. The second is the quality. I’ve had a very positive experience with majority of the providers that I have hired to work as locums are solid doctors and not only are they solid, CompHealth has been able to provide multiple physicians so if it doesn’t work out with one physician I do have other options and backup so I’m not left stranded with an empty spot on the schedule, and again, then I’m frantic worrying about my own job security because I can’t staff. CompHealth I’ve really leaned on for my own success in my job. CompHealth is a great partner because they help me sleep at night. I can rest assured knowing that my schedule is staffed, I have solid providers coming into the sites and I wouldn’t be able to do that without them."