PA Utilization

September 22nd, 2010 1 Min read PA Utilization Blog
Having been in the mid-level market my entire CompHealth career (over 5 years), I have come to get to know the abilities and strengths of mid-levels that, ironically enough, many of our clients and major hospital chains that we serve are (for the most part) unaware. The mid-level position in general has been around for a very long time, and seems to have just started to scratch the surface in regards to the acknowledgment of what a mid-level can do as well as how they can, and should be, effectively utilized within a medical setting. In fact, the mid-level position, specifically the position of a Physician Assistant, is always one of the largest and fastest growing fields according to CareerBuilder. The mid-level positions that I have come to understand and appreciate are the Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and the Physician Assistants (PAs) of the mid-level world. NPs and PAs are getting more and more recognition as well as autonomy within the medical field. These mid-level providers are now being seen as an opportunity to keep a doctor inside the operating room capitalizing on the profitability of what a doctor brings to the table. The PA or NP would then do all of the follow up visits ensuring the recovery from the surgery is thorough. My job as well as my team's job is based around educating the masses about how to effectively and profitably utilize a PA or NP in their practice. Of course through the services of CompHealth!